Thornton’s Crane Service excels in supporting HVAC companies throughout West Central Texas with their project lift needs. Our team boasts highly experienced crane operators who possess the knowledge and expertise to handle any HVAC lift project seamlessly. With our fleet of 17-ton, 22-ton, 25-ton, 40-ton, and 50-ton cranes, our operators ensure efficient and safe execution of all lifting tasks.

By leveraging our crane services, HVAC companies across the area can gain significant advantages. Our experienced operators guarantee the smooth and secure transportation of air conditioning units to the rooftops of residential and commercial structures. Opting for our crane services offers unparalleled benefits in relocating bulky equipment without risk of damage during transportation.

Moreover, our versatile crane functionality enables HVAC companies to tackle a wide range of tasks, from removing and replacing outdated HVAC equipment to installing industrial-grade machinery atop building roofs. With Thornton’s Crane Service, you can trust in the expertise of our operators to deliver exceptional results for all your lifting needs.

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50 ton HVAC Lift with our Manitex crane, at Buffalo Wild Wings, Southwest Drive, Abilene, TX

Abilene HVAC Lift
Allsups Convenience Store HVAC Lift

Crane Lift HVAC
Setting HVAC condenser units for Cary Services at the new Bio Life Construction in South Abilene

McMillon Mechanical Lift Abilene TX
McMillon Mechanical Lift

Cold Stone Creamery HVAC Lift
Cold Stone Creamery HVAC Lift